Hoboken Vets is proud to announce we are now raising funds for patients in need!

Pets are such a huge part of our families, and when they are sick or injured, we do everything possible to help them.  Unfortunately, when emergencies arise, veterinary care is expensive; At times, the cost of treatment is too high for families to afford.

Our team does what we can to keep costs down but lab fees and medications are expensive.  Costs climb further if pets transfer to specialty hospitals for advanced treatments or surgeries.  Transfer is necessary for ailments such as cancer, obstructions or major injuries.

If costs exceed what owners can afford, they are forced to make agonizing decisions. These choices include delaying necessary care or surrendering their animals to shelters for treatment.  In some heartbreaking cases, families have no choice but to euthanize their beloved pets.

Here at Hoboken Vets, we love our patients and their families and never want to see them in this awful position.  Much as we wish we could treat these pets for free, financially that is not an option.  Still, we wanted to intervene, so we came up with a plan, but we need your help.

Cat receiving fluid therapy via IV catheter


In an effort to help our amazing clients cover the cost of treatments they otherwise could not afford; we have partnered with Tri-State Veterinary Care Foundation for help raising funds for patients in need.  These funds go directly towards treating pets both at our clinic and at specialty hospitals, ensuring our patients receive the best possible care.

If you’d like to help a local pet in need receive potentially lifesaving medical care, please visit https://tristateveterinarycare.org/ and click the Donate button.  Every little bit helps to change or even save the life of a pet!