We offer more complex surgeries including orthopedics, ACL repairs, mass removals, cherry eye surgeries, foreign body removals, and cystotomies.

International Travel

International Health Certificate Checklist

1. What is the date the microchip was implanted? (if applicable)

2. All prior Rabies Certificates
*This must be sent separately to the Medical Records. MUST be a signed Rabies certificate not a Vaccine Record

3. What date was Rabies given after their Microchip implantation? (if applicable)

4. Research travel requirements for designated country of travel:

5. Fill out the IHC Consent Form and Destination Form:
*we cannot book your appointment without BOTH forms filled out and we have the required documents for questions 1-6

6. Email over all medical records: Info@hobokenvets.com
*to avoid a delay in booking your appointment make sure to email all Medical History

7. An estimate will be sent over for what charges to expect on the day of your appointment.
*The estimate varies on what vaccines/treatment your pet needs before travel. Owners are to do their own research of what the country of destination requires, please refer to the link in #3

8. Once you approve the estimate and we have all needed information we will contact you to book your appointment!